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Chief Financial Officer

  • Location:
  • Salary:
  • Job type:
    Full Time
  • Posted:
    3 years ago
  • Category:
    Accounting & Finance
  • Deadline:
    October 8, 2021


To monitor and control financial risk through ensuring the availability of accurate current financial data, and the provision of financial reporting systems that conform to business and governance requirements.

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)

  • Business cycle influences
  • National economic conditions and regulatory
  • Changes Management of corporate governance


Role Complexity:

  • Advise on financial implication in forms such as Broad meetings meetings. ManCom,
  • Operational Review Ensure adequate company funding when required
  • Advising CEO and other executives
  • Initiation of projects and sponsors

Task Complexity:

  • Provision of timeous, accurate and relevant financial information
  • Ensure conformance of company policy to regulations
  • Custodian of company assets (control, loss protection, internal controls)
  • Manage risk and return of company financial resources
  • Enforce corporate governance in company financial decision making
  • Provision of long- term financial plan for MTN funding

Direct company procurement function

  • Provides financial leadership to commercial operations, manages credit and foreign currency exposure
  • Ensure that all commercial arrangements are in line with financial objectives of the organization.

Manage expenditure, CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Manages relationship with other departments ensuring appropriate financial advice is provided to support departmental decision
  • Managers relationships with legal and regulatory bodies such as Customs Department, Income tax department and External Auditors
  • Manage relationship with banks
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and tax and commercial laws
  • Ensures full compliance with all group accounting and reporting requirements

Supervisory /Managerial/Leadership Complexity:

  • Management of reports, succession planning performance management


Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)

  • Provision of financial modeling and scenario analysis that maximizes shareholder wealth Creation of strategic relationships with Creation relationship with key bankers
  • Implementation of financial best practices throughout organization


  • Incorrect financial information
  • Failure to secure beneficial
  • Conditions Uncertainty of interest rates
  • Failure to provide adequately for cash resources and protection of company assets

Responsibility towards:

Direct reports: Managers, Financial Planning and Control, Procurement, Accounting

Matrix reports: MTN Group

Key customers: Board, Audit committee, Board subcommittee

Key suppliers: Providers of financial services, banks

Relations, etc:

Independent thought and Judgment:

  • Setting of delegation of authority
  • Proposal of counter signatory system and thresholds
  • Proposals on the funding to be approved
  • Disclosure of financial results and declaration of profit
  • Adoption of appropriate accounting practice for business environment and company context
  • Development of contingency plan for medium tern funding



  • B.Sc. or HND Accounting or related area of study
  • Chartered Accountant with articles
  • MBA or Masters advantageous


  • Senior Management tract of 5 years or more with a least 3 years’ experience in relevant sector/industry as per relevant role
  • Experience in working in a global/multinational enterprise (understanding emerging markets is advantageous organization
  • Worked across diverse cultures and geographies


  • Product and Services Knowledge
  • Financial and Accounting knowledge
  • Telecom Knowledge
  • International Accounting Standard
  • Reserve bank and local banking industry
  • Income Tax Act
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Product and Services Knowledge


Important competencies required for the position:

Must be a Role Model of ethical practices by living the MTN Values of : Leadership ; Innovation ; Relationship ; Integrity ; Can Do & adopt the MTN Vital Behaviours of : Complete Candour ; Complete Accountability ; Active Collaboration; Get-It-Done; for others to follow

Skills/physical Competencies:

  • Strategy formulator– formulates individuals strategies aligned to overarching strategies for executive
  • Decisive Problem Solver-Has the mental agility to understand complex business challenges and provide effective solutions
  • Innovative Value Creator- Creates an environment for commercial and enterprise innovation (MTN Value)
  • Culture and Change Champion- Drives business practices by holding others for demonstrating the (MTN values and Vital behaviours)
  • Inspiring People Leader- Is self-aware and leads/coaches other to develop capabilities for realizing individual potential (MTN Value)
  • Relationship Builder- Collaborates across teams and builds networks and relationships with internal external stakeholders (MTN Value)
  • Result Achiever- Produces sustainable enterprise result (MTN Values)
  • Operationally Astute-Plans, organizes and sets controls in place for delivery of strategies

Behavioral Qualities:

  • Assertiveness
  • Integrity

How to apply:

Send your application to: hrvacancy.lr@mtn.com or apply through the system below.

This job has expired.

This job has expired. Unfortunately, you can no longer apply for this position.:

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