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Regulation & Supervision Department

Recruitment of Additional Staff of Technical Assistance & Supervisory Unit (TASU)
Under Rural Community Finance Programme (RCFP) in Liberia
January 2020
On February 22, 2016, The Government of Liberia (GOL) and the International
Funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed a five (5) year financing
agreement in Rome, Italy to undertake the Rural Community Finance Project
(RCFP). The agreement was later rectified by the Liberian Legislature on October
11, 2017 and subsequently signed into handbill for implementation.
The Project is funded by IFAD in the form of loan and grant; the CBL in the form
of establishing the office of the Technical Assistance Supervisory Unit (TASU) and
providing the salary for TASU’s Manager for 30 months, MFDP in the form of
waived taxes and duties on imported goods and services regarding the Project and
RCFIs in the form of shareholders contribution to share capital, etc.
The Project is geared towards enhancing access to financial services in Liberia
through the Rural Community Finance Institutions (RCFIs) and improves access
to rural financial services especially for the rural population on a sustainable and
affordable basis and creates additional RCFIs. The Government believes that this
will contribute to the development of the rural financial sector and the financial
system as a whole, thus promoting financial inclusion.
The TASU is an Apex Body that provides Technical Assistance (TA) and support to
the RCFIs under component I of the Project, which focuses on rural financial
services – enhancing existing RCFIs (currently 12) and creating new RCFIs
(estimated 10 RCFIs).
Function and Objectives of the TASU:
TASU is created as a unit under the Non-bank Financial Institution Section in the
CBL to provide central support services on wide range of dimensions in supporting
existing RCFIs and creating new ones. The function of the TASU within CBL is to
implement component 1- ‘Rural Financial Services’ to RCFIs, which focuses on
providing vital banking services to the RCFI with the aim of improving their
operational efficiencies and effectiveness. Under this component, the TASU is
required to deliver
• Direct support to the creation of new RCFIs and extend support to the 12
existing RCFIs with support from CBL and Afriland First Bank Liberia
Limited (AFBLL), in the form of financial services;
• Demand-driven and efficient financial services to their clients and
• Professional and efficient technical support and supervision services to the
• To promote the interests of its shareholder RCFIs by providing non-banking
services where applicable and necessary, on a sustainable basis;
• To assist the shareholding RCFIs to become operationally profitable as soon
as possible;
• To monitor, inspect and supervise the operations of shareholding RCFIs
through off-site review of their prudential returns and onsite examinations,
and ensure their compliance with banking laws, mandatory prudential
regulations and internal regulations, to complement the supervisory role of
the CBL;
• To provide training for directors and employees of RCFIs, and other related
bodies or entities;
• To provide a forum for the board and management of the respective RCFIs,
to share best practices, ideas, challenges, skills and knowledge to enhance
the developmental objectives of shareholding RCFIs;
• To coordinate, collaborate, partner, work with or engage in joint ventures
with other financial services institutions or bodies, both locally and
internationally, in the acquisition of funds, the procurement of technical and
managerial support, equipment supplies and the provision of advisory or
consultancy services geared towards advancing the TASU objective
In keeping with the Project staffing projections and need, the IFAD-PIU is seeking
to hire the services of Field Assistants to perform the tasks indicated below:
Position: Field Assistants -4
Duty Stations: Field stations
Duration: 6 MONTHS
Recruitment: National ( Lofa, Bong, RiverGee and Grand Kru)
Contract period: The initial engagement period is six-months, with three
months’ probation Period. The contract period is renewable,
based on exemplary deliverables of agreed performance
Reports to: TASU Manager
The Field Assistant is responsible for providing technical assistance, coaching,
mentoring and supervision to new and existing RCFIs. Specific responsibilities
include but not limited to the following:
1. Participate in the planning and conduct of regular and periodic inspections
including spot checks of the RCFIs based on inspection manuals and
procedures developed by TASU;
2. Prepare and submit timely inspections reports on the safety and soundness
of the RCFIs inspected with recommendations and time-bound follow-up
actions to TASU;
3. Monitor the operations of RCFIs through onsite and offsite reviews of their
prudential returns, internal control systems, on-site examinations and
ensure compliance with CBL’s financial institutions laws and regulations;
4. Conduct regular visits to RCFIs’ clients and target groups in identifying and
in conjunction with RCFIs, attempt to assist them come out with challenges
faced with;
5. Promote and support target group including linkages to local markets;
6. Assist and facilitate the development of demand driven loan products
suitable to rural farmers and dwellers;
7. Follow-up on remedial action plans from previous inspections to ensure
compliance and
8. Participate in the identification and reporting of emerging operational and
other risks of the RCFIs.
9. Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by TASU
Qualification Requirements:
a) Applicants with at least two (2) years working experience in banking
knowledge and/or in inspection/audit of financial institutions; Experience in
rural financial institutions is an added advantage;
b) A minimum of bachelor’s degree in Banking & Accounting or businessrelated courses or Agriculture related discipline. Associate (AA) degree or
its equivalent in any of the above discipline fields may be considered;
c) The applicant should have excellent quantitative and analytical skills; and
d) The applicant should be computer literate, team Player, have good
communication and report writing skills and can relate adequately to have
a cordial relationship with fellow employees.
All Interested and qualified applicants should address their applications including
letter of interest along with Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant
Diplomas/Certificate to the below address via email: Kindly indicate in the
email subject, the Title of the position you are applying for.
Recruitment Team
IFAD Projects PIU Programme Management Unit Ministry of Agriculture
Email: or Apply through the system below.

Deadline for submission of Applications Tuesday January 28, 2020 at 5PM
Female and youth candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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