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Tank Checker

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  • Salary:
  • Job type:
    Full Time
  • Posted:
    3 years ago
  • Category:
    High School Diploma
  • Deadline:
    May 7, 2021

POSITION: Tank Checker
REPORT TO: Tank Checker Supervisor
 Collect water from LWSC pipe into the reservoirs through the water treatment plant;
 Collect Water from MBI Well into the reservoir through the water treatment plant;
 Collect Water from Water Trucks into the reservoir through the water treatment plant;
 Collect Samples for analytical tests;
 Monitor the CO2 plant, calculate/take down pressure and CO2 level in the storage tank,
build up pressure on the storage vessels; filling CO2 Bottles for storage;
 Carbonation of products by using CO2, Degas water which is used for Filtration, transfer
and post Fermentation;
 Receive Wort from Brewhouse into the Fermenter and the Dosing of Yeast;
 Monitor Gravity, Temperature and Pressure on each Fermenter, carry on post
Fermentation and CO2 wash;
 Carry out Sedimentation, send CO2 to CO2 plant from Fermenters upon maturity,
discharged products to Filter Plant for Filtration;
 Monitor Temperature and Pressure on bright Beer tanks and storage vessels, carry on CIP
on product vessels, cleaning of the Plant which is the organic law of every brewery;
 To laised with team mate properly for the flow of communications;
 Perform related duties as required by supervisor;
 Report everything to his supervisor timely and correctly;

POSITION SPECIFICATION (Education, Training, Experience, Skills):
 High school graduate
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Problem solving ability/fast thinking ability
 Report written ability
 Analytical ability
 Cleaning ability
 Good human relations
 Problem solving skills
 Ability to perform highly physical tasks
 Electrical or mechanical knowledge or background
 Tools management skills
 Excellent attention to details and duties
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This job has expired.

This job has expired. Unfortunately, you can no longer apply for this position.:

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