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Good Vision Liberia

Good Vision Liberia

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GoodVision USA became a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in March 2019.
The GoodVision complete solution includes local production of eyeglass frames, training of local opticians, free vision testing, immediate assembly & fitting, and long-term service for the glasses. Our objective is to provide people living in poverty access to inexpensive and visually appealing glasses while simultaneously creating employment.

It is our vision to establish financially independent basic eye care programs in the world’s poorest countries.
We are committed to honesty, responsibility, and transparency with our donations. We will keep you informed about our ongoing projects and how your donation is being put to work. We greatly appreciate every dollar we receive, as donations are the building blocks of our work.

Visualizing an Equal future: More perspectives allow us to see more clearly.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of GoodVision USA’s work. To effectively change lives, we need to listen to a wide range of voices with different backgrounds and experiences. To bring vision to those that lack access globally, it requires a commitment to diversity from our locally run programs to creating a diverse board that embeds equality in all parts of its work.