GURUS HR Consultancy Firm

GURUS HR Consultancy Firm

Company Detail

Gurus Human Resource Consultancy Group is a consummate Liberian management firm in the contemporary human capital, Change Management, Learning and Development and HR Technology arena with an aim to lead the way endowing with the comprehensive solutions in the HR domain for growing organizations.

We, at Gurus Human Resource Consultancy Group, seek to venture a trustworthy drive providing the most reliable professional custom key in the HR mainstay such as recruitment, staffing, background check, Human Capital, Change Management, HR Technology and other HRO solutions.

Guru Human Resource solely focuses on the enhancement of client organizations by providing quality services on various aspects of their human resources and by letting the organization focus on its core issues.

Our Approach

Gurus Human Resource Consultancy Group offers the employers a potential competitive advantage in the market place as it provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best people, reduce operational costs and risks and gain access to our expertise to develop the HR strategies. We can second a consultant to client’s institution or work as team support to meet business deliverables.

GURUS provide clients with the power to rapidly acquire high performing staff, optimize their workforce, and reduce operational costs and risks, whilst accessing excellent technology and recruitment expertise. With global competition increasing, it is essential for high performing businesses to build a competitive organizational capability. Competition for the best talent and knowledge is increasing, not declining. For that reason, Recruitment process Outsourcing is a vital component within the HR strategies of today’s leading companies.

Our approach recruitment process outsourcing also combines an all-inclusive transformation of the recruitment function of an organization with a collaborative approach for delivering the service in order to ensure our clients to get the hassle-free recruitment. We evaluate and modify the recruitment process to deliver quality outcome based on industry type and not just follow the traditional superannuated recruitment method.

We are committed to transfer skills and share best practices with our client organizations. Through a blend of customer-tailored service offerings and a market-leading staff, we bring value to our clients by improving corporate performance, increasing flexibility and achieving significant cost savings.

GURUs help organizations accomplish better outcomes by bracing their most important resource: their employees. By means of a system imbedded in self-awareness, our proven approach boosts Human Capital. Learning and Development, reduce cost through efficient development and use of customized HRIS; change management and mitigate legal employment burden.


Our Mission

To please our customers, providing a proficient and undoubtedly a reliable solution in the human resource sphere in Liberia and empowering the present and in the near future workforce”


Our Vision

With a close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented professional, our vision is to be one of the premier HR Consultancy firm in Liberia”